What is the minimum age to enter each run?
In the 3km, the minimum age for entry is 6. In the 5km the minimum age for entry is 12. In the 10km, the minimum age for entry is 14. Minimum ages are on the basis of health and safety.

What do I receive when I enter?
All participants receive race numbers, timing for their run (all runners for all distances are chip timed), plus on course water. All finishers will receive a custom medal which has been specifically designed for the event race season.

What age groups are there for each run?
Aside from the first 3 overall male and female winners in each race, we also provide awards to the first 3 male and female runners in each age group. For the 10km, we have age group awards for the following: 14-20, 21-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+. In the 3km, the minimum age for entry is 6. For the 3km we have age groups of 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-20. The 5km age groups are the same as the 10km, with the junior age group being 12-20.

What will I win?
Aside from medals, which are issued to all finishers, those that finish in the first three of their age group receive trophies. The first three overall male and female finishers in each distance also receive trophies to signify their achievement. The overall  male and female winners of each distance also win a small prize.
At the trophy presentation ceremony after the completion of each mornings events, all that are present have the chance to win prizes and giveaways in the post event raffle.  From time to time, those that win awards may receive extra benefits in the form of giveaways from sponsors or supporters of the event. Please connect to our social media pages, where we will announce our latest news. Note that our events do not out cash prizes, as this is not in the ethos of amateur sport.

What time does each run start?
Please refer to the schedule  on this website for the start time for each date, as start times are specific to the event date.

When do I collect my race number? When should I arrive at the run?
Race numbers can be collected either; the day before raceday - we inform all the specific details for race number collection 14 days before each run. Alternatively, race numbers can be collected on raceday, from 1 hour 15 minutes before the start of your race. Note that race number collection on the raceday closes 15 minutes before the start of each race.
Races start on time, so it is important that you arrive in good time. If you already have collected your race number, then we recommend you arrive no less than 30 minutes before your race start time. If you still need to collect your race number, you should arrive at least one hour before race start, to allow enough time for you to collect your race number and to prepare adequately.

How do I use my race tags? 
All participants are issued with shoe timing tags, which electronically record your finish time. Please refer to the instructions on the shoe tag envelope for the correct fitting and usage of shoe tags.. Tags must be returned at the race finish to the medal table at the same time as the race finisher collects their finishing medal.

Do I have to run? Can I walk? Can I push my baby in a stroller?  
Our runs attracts runners of all ability. Hence many in each run will walk for a period of time, which is quite ok! Parents that wish to push their baby in a stroller are welcome to participate. Our courses are safe for this purpose - all we ask is that those with strollers start at the back, so as not to impede other runners. Aside from baby strollers, participants are not allowed to use any other wheeled or alternative form of propulsion, for the safety of all.

What happens if I can't participate? Or if I get injured on the run?
All those that register  can swap to another run date, so long as you let us know at least 7 days before the scheduled run date, please see our terms and conditions for more details. It is not possible to get a refund if you are unable to participate. For those that suffer an injury during the race, we have on site paramedics that will attend to you. There is also an ambulance available in the case of an extreme emergency. It is important to note that each participant takes part in our events run completely at their own risk and enter only after agreeing to our race waiver. All participants  should ensure that they are fully able to participate and consult a doctor prior to participating if they have any doubt over their ability to participate.

When is the latest I can register for the run?  I forgot to register, can I register on race day?
Participants are urged to register as early as possible. Should the race be full, then registration for that race will be closed.
The latest that registration closes is a few days before race day (if the race is not already full). Late registration fees of 30dhs per participant are incurred for those that enter 5 days or less prior to the event day. We never accept registrations on race day. Once registration has closed, it is not possible to register under any circumstances.


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