Can my children REALLY run for free?

Yes, so long as both parents register for the event.

If both parents register for one of our run events, in any distance that they choose, then they will be able to register up to 2 children for FREE, in any distance.

How it works:

Simply register yourself and your spouse for one of our events (our HOME page contains registration links for all our current events).

You can register for any distance (for example one of you could run the 10km, whilst your spouse runs the 3km).

Once you have registered, send us a message with your names. We will then issue you with a code with which you can register up to 2 of your children, in any distance of the same event.

Note that children must be 'age eligible' for the distance they are being entered for, for health and safety purposes. Our minimum ages are:

3km - age 6

5km - age 12

10km - age 14



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